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Oct 13

simulated option trader log 2014 10 09

options trading malaysia

Wins : 1 / 2 Another simulated trade I made last week. Whilst the winning ratio was that great, one loss and one win, but the winnings was big in term on monetary value.

Sep 17

simulated option trader log 2014 09 17

option trading malaysia

Wins : 3 / 3 Chalked another 3 wins today. If in value, the profit was over $2,000 with the 3 trades, of course the no. of contract were higher than my usual. All these practices using my signalling rules are to prepare my myself mentally for upping my trades during live actual session. I …

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Sep 16

simulated option trader log 2014 09 15

options trader malaysia

Wins : 2 / 2 Continued to test my signalling rules for upping my trades, to trade professionally, to becoming a full time trader and to trade for a living. Practice make perfect. Back testing. Whatever you term it. Yea, I won’t lie to you, becoming a full time trader, to able to trade for …

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