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Jun 06

Do you trade everyday?

I have been recording some good winning streaks all this while. Some may just be small profits, but a win is a win. Many visitors to this Full Time Trader site also commented that I recorded many wins. How did I do it? Well there is no secret about it. I do not trade everyday. …

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May 17

Starter kit e-book on Smashwords.com

Our e-book, Making Money with Binary Options Starter Kit 2013, is now available on Smashwords.com with a wide range of e-reading formats. This version of e-book will be made available for e-reading apps in iPad, Kindle and Android-based tablets. To find out more about the stuff Smashwords did for us, you can visit this page. …

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May 08

New starter kit e-book

full time trader choice

Am thinking to write another e-book tutorial or starter kit on how to trade plain conventional options. Mervin encouraged me to write another since the “success” of my Binary Options Starter kit I wrote a year a go. Perhaps I could co-write with him. Besides trading options, we could share some of our trading ideas …

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Jul 01

full time trader trading psychology

trading psychology

I would think trading psychology is the utmost important factor to a full time trader albeit a successful trader. Of course, you would need technical knowledge in trading of equities and instruments in general, but it is the traders’ psychology that determine a trade altogether – his/her decision to select which portfolio, which stock to …

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