Sep 16

simulated option trader log 2014 09 15

options trader malaysiaWins : 2 / 2

Continued to test my signalling rules for upping my trades, to trade professionally, to becoming a full time trader and to trade for a living. Practice make perfect. Back testing. Whatever you term it.

Yea, I won’t lie to you, becoming a full time trader, to able to trade for a living and to ultimately make money off the market consistently, is not a walk in the park. It requires mental strength to deal with pressures and failures and more importantly, emotions. Does this mean we only deal with psychology issues? A resounding “No”. As a full time trader, we need to deal both with psychology and technicality issues. There is no secret about that. Successfully traders take emotions out from their trades while finding trading opportunities with his technical knowledge while following rules. Enough said about that, the whole point of this paragraph is, “Practice make perfect.” Rules and technical knowledge, I have, it’s the psychological outbursts, the emotions, that I need to keep out from my trading mindset. That, I need practices.

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