Mar 26

Reignite the fire

full time traderOopsie.. guess I can’t be a full time trader after all, not this 2014 year. Have been neglecting this business income since the turn of the year. Why? Why? Why? It is not that I did not make money from options trading. It is also not that I have stop believing in options trading. No! No! No!

In truth, my other commitments have taken a toll on me, and my vision, my ultimate objective was smogged. I gotta clear the air, and reignite the fire within. I should start attending motivational talks, relating to options trading perhaps. Who are the gurus still in play in Malaysia? Ah yes, the marathon runner, Mirriam Macwilliams and her proteges. Maybe I should take inspirations from them since they are the longest running options trading programme in Malaysia. Oh, Freely (Dr Clemen Chiang), where are you?

Enough grunts. Will need concentration and focus before diving into the market again. Need to cultivate the emotions and psychology. Always remember that trading psychology is the utmost important factor in trading and making money from the market. May the Force be with me!

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