Oct 13

simulated option trader log 2014 10 09

options trading malaysiaWins : 1 / 2

Another simulated trade I made last week. Whilst the winning ratio was that great, one loss and one win, but the winnings was big in term on monetary value.

Oct 02

option trader log 2014 10 02

options trading malaysiaUnderlying Stocks : TSLA

Strike : 250 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.95/3.50

Holding time : 5 mins

Net Profit : $107

Stayed on the sideline last session when DOW was down over 200 points. I thought to myself, there must be scalping opportunity today. TSLA was up more than $12 in pre-market due to favourable news about their class action law suit. All signalling rules including DOW were heading downtrend. Did not hesitate to follow the trend. Opened the trade and game over in less than 5 minutes. A winning trade in deed. Options trading in Malaysia is fun. Can go to sleep after blogging this.

Sep 30

option trader log 2014 09 30

options trading malaysiaUnderlying Stocks : NFLX

Strike : 445 Put

No. of contracts : 4 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.42/1.65

Holding time : 16 mins

Net Profit : $90

My signalling rules weren’t wrong when I needed to average my position for this trade. My charting system did not promise to buy at low and sell at high. Sometimes, you’ll need to make an impromptu decision whether to cut loss or to hold by looking at the charts. For this trade, I decided the latter. The move paid off as I did not get emotional when the trade turned against me for a while eventhough the signals were correctly interpreted.

Sep 30

option trader log 2014 09 29

options trading malaysiaUnderlying Stocks : AMZN

Strike : 325 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.10/2.45

Holding time : 6 mins

Net Profit : $68

Ditched my simulated trading, and went live trading. It was time! Time to trade, but not the time yet to increase my stakes, so 2 contracts it was. And so was the peanut profit of $68.

Sep 17

simulated option trader log 2014 09 17

option trading malaysiaWins : 3 / 3

Chalked another 3 wins today. If in value, the profit was over $2,000 with the 3 trades, of course the no. of contract were higher than my usual. All these practices using my signalling rules are to prepare my myself mentally for upping my trades during live actual session. I could day trade too if I were to tank my account to over $25,000. These are the back-tests and practices I need to becoming a full time trader and to trade for a living.

Sep 16

simulated option trader log 2014 09 15

options trader malaysiaWins : 2 / 2

Continued to test my signalling rules for upping my trades, to trade professionally, to becoming a full time trader and to trade for a living. Practice make perfect. Back testing. Whatever you term it.

Yea, I won’t lie to you, becoming a full time trader, to able to trade for a living and to ultimately make money off the market consistently, is not a walk in the park. It requires mental strength to deal with pressures and failures and more importantly, emotions. Does this mean we only deal with psychology issues? A resounding “No”. As a full time trader, we need to deal both with psychology and technicality issues. There is no secret about that. Successfully traders take emotions out from their trades while finding trading opportunities with his technical knowledge while following rules. Enough said about that, the whole point of this paragraph is, “Practice make perfect.” Rules and technical knowledge, I have, it’s the psychological outbursts, the emotions, that I need to keep out from my trading mindset. That, I need practices.

Sep 10

simulated option trader log 2014 09 10

option trading MalaysiaWins : 3 / 4

A bit frenzy today on the simulated options trading. You can see by the results and quantum of the trades. Were the signalling rules not working? Well, couldn’t blame the signalling rules. There was a saying, “Intel inside, idiot outside.” Well, today, I was the idiot outside. Got into the first TSLA trade when only 2 of the 3 signals were hit. And it went against me thereafter. Didn;t even bother to close off the position as you can see from the huge loss.

Did not feel agitated, moved in for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th trade. These results are what you get when you follows the rules!

Sep 10

simulated option trader log 2014 09 09

option traderWins : 2 / 2

Did two simulated option trading by going long and with bigger stake to prove test my signalling rules. Though they were winning trades, but the timings were a bit off as I needed to hold longer and both positions went into red before recovering. I would have cut loss, but held on and both positions went back to green, winning trades.

Thought of bringing up my stakes by buying into more contracts in actual option trading. So, simulated it before going live. Better safe than sorry. Part and parcel towards being a Malaysian full time trader.

Aug 27

option trader log 2014 08 27

option trading MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : AMZN

Strike : 342.50 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.30/2.70

Holding time : 5 mins

Net Profit : $77

My second winning option trading Malaysia trade on my return. Shorter holding time and a bit higher profit. DOW was lingering between green and red on my IB trading platform, but chart’s signalling rules pointed towards downtrend. So, was hunting for a put position rather than call. Generally, market was on downtrend, and trend is our friend. Did not want to try out-smarting the market. So, waited patiently to open a put position. AMZN was about +2 when I opened my put contracts. True as it was, the force of the market dragged her down, and up went my put position in matter of minutes.

Aug 27

option trader log 2014 08 26

option trading MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : BIDU

Strike : 217.50 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.05/2.35

Holding time : 6 mins

Net Profit : $58

A bit rusty after some time off from trading. Glad that the chart’s signalling rules did not fail me on my return.

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