Sep 05

full time trader log 2012 09 04, again

full time traderFortunately, some gains on binary options trading to compensate and minimise the total day loss.

Sep 05

full time trader log 2012 09 04

I can only summed up my emotion as greedy. Made small profit of $84 on AAPL, that was almost my target of $100 per day. But was too greedy to enter another trade, breaking 2 of my own rules.

1) Do not enter more than 1 trade per day, and

2) Do no enter trade after 10am.

But was too greedy and ended up making a combined loss of $320, due to not cutting loss after hitting my stop loss of $150.



Aug 30

full time trader log 2012 08 30

Underlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 675 Call

No. of contracts : 10 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.30/1.50

Holding time : 4 mins

Net Profit : USD189


Reason to enter trade:

Got a scare! Thought the system was failing me. System does not fail, only the psychology of a trader fails!

MACD histogram eventually moved up as predicted on the 3rd minute after opening my position at 9.35am. Was in constipation for 3 minutes between 9.36-9.39am. ROFL…

Aug 27

full time trader log 2012 08 27

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 660 Put

No. of contracts : 5 contracts

Enter/exit price : 3.00/3.25

Holding time : < 1 mins

Net Profit : USD114


full time traderReason to enter trade:

AAPL moves to new highs after winning the billion dollars suits against Samsung. Chart signals pointed to retreat after several long green candles, and a check on the MACDHistogram confirmed the technical retreat. Opened and closed the trade at the 3rd red candle and within a minute. Heeya… good to score again after a long time absence from trading in IB!

Aug 24

Binary options trading platform

What you think of this video? Binary options trading with Eztrader.

Aug 23

full time trader log 2012 08 23

full time traderEasy does it. Small monetary gains before going to a 3-day course starting tomorrow. Also, will be posting some IB trade results soon enough. Oh yeah, trading on IB platform is wayyyy more profitable, at least to me albeit bigger risk. I recalled a famous trading quote, “experienced traders control risks, inexperienced traders chase gains”. Which one are you?

Aug 22

full time trader log 2012 08 21

full time traderI think I lost touch with the e-mini Nasdaq. E-mini Dow Jones looked more “friendly” to me. This threw all my previous parameters out of the window?! I was setting my trading system based on pre-market conditions but now trading binary options during an active market?!

But the signals from $DJI chart do look more accurate for me to pinpoint entry. Back to drawing board yet again..

Aug 22

full time trader log 2012 08 18

full time traderA continuation from the trades from Aug 17. At least these four results covered the losses from the earlier “TOO EAGER” and “OVER CONFIDENT” trades. Wow, that’s a total of 7 trades per day?! Am I being overly persistent to cover losses by trading even though it was wee hours of the night? Too afraid to lose and too eager to trade again after losing earlier that day? Maybe…..

Aug 17

full time trader log 2012 08 17

full time traderWould described today’s trades as too EAGER to win, OVER confident to trade! With 6 straight wins, greed began to take over my trading system and trading psychology. that’s why I have yet to become a full time trader! But at least, I have this blog to remind me on my trading mistakes. Learn, preach and practice!

Aug 16

full time trader log 2012 08 16

full time trader

Pretty tied-up with my day job these couple of weeks due to organisational restructuring, financial audit, prospecting customers, shareholders meeting all cramped up into the 2 loonngg week. Glad to have them almost resolved!

Anyway, small winnings between 13-16 August. No red highlights, good profitable trades!

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