Jul 23

forex binary option tradelog 2013 07 22

forex binary optionToday’s trade results gonna give a damper to my good records thus far. Traded 5, lost 3. Two losing trades missed by just 11 pips. Have faith, the signalling rules have do me good all these while, maybe just not today! Maybe today, the bear 25% kicked in while the bull 75% took hibernation. Weeks of back testing ain’t gonna go out the window this easily!

Jul 19

forex binary option tradelog 2013 07 19

forex binary optionAnother 75% winning rate today, 6 out of 8 wins today using the newly signalling rules for forex binary option trading. One of the losses missed by a whisker of 2 pips while the other was pure “impulsive” trade as one of the indicator was not aligned but still opened the position. Deja vu…

Jul 18

forex binary option tradelog 2013 07 18

forex binary option3 out of 4 wins today using the newly but back tested signalling rules for forex binary option trading. But, waiting for all signals to be aligned took some time. Was a bit impatience when I opened the position which I eventually lost; one of the indicator was a bit off, but I entered still. Patience is virtue! Anyway, 75% winning rate today.

Jul 17

forex binary option tradelog 2013 07 17

forex binary optionTested a new found signalling rules for trading forex binary option. Been back testing it for while and it just works! Here’s the results to share.

Of the 11 trades made, 9 were winning positions, that’s about 82% winning rates for today’s trades. The 2 losing trades were because of “itching fingers” – traded the 60 seconds binary trade and lost both times. If not, the signalling rules were 100% spot-on today. Blow me away!

Jul 09

End of Promo – July 4th 2013

4julyHappy trading for traders who bought my e-book, Binary Options Starter Kit 2013 during the July 4th Promo period. This promo has now ended!

Jul 05

full time trader log 2013 07 05

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 420 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 0.90/1.20

Holding time : 2 mins

Net Profit : $58


full time traderReason to enter trade:

Futures were high in pre-market, but AAPL was in the red zone during pre-market. $DJI was dropping in the opening few minutes while AAPL was inching higher. It would be a put position if I were to trade. Then saw that AAPL was making a downtrend reversal in the 2nd candlestick bar of the session, confirmed by the signals. Opened the 2 contracts, and wanted to open more but was too late. The 2 contracts were already making money in blink of an eye. Profit target hit, but I took profit at the 1st red bar. If I held them till the 2nd bar, the put option price was $2.00, easily another $160 in profit. If only I held on another minute. Sigh..

Jun 13

Promo video Binary Options Starter Kit

Thanks to malcolmkmullins for doing such a great job on my promo video!

Jun 13

full time trader log 2013 06 12

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 450 Call

No. of contracts : 1 contract

Enter/exit price : 0.65/0.70

Holding time : 6 mins

Net Profit : $2


full time traderReason to enter trade:

Opened AAPL call when signal indicated a reversal. It did reverse on the MACD, but the price did not move up as anticipated. In fact, it kinda moved side way. Did not hesitate to square the position eventhough just very, very little profit. I glad I did close off the position. AAPL just went down and down after that. Do check out the chart!

Jun 06

Do you trade everyday?

I have been recording some good winning streaks all this while. Some may just be small profits, but a win is a win. Many visitors to this Full Time Trader site also commented that I recorded many wins. How did I do it? Well there is no secret about it.

I do not trade everyday. I might not even log into my IB trading account. But you know, being a full time trader wannabe, I tend to take many “glances” at the market every now and then if I decided not to trade on that particular day. Maybe it’s a habit, but I do want to keep abreast of the market or the stocks I am tracking even if I do not trade.

Now, why would I know trade everyday? Well, I have some historical trends that I saw in myself. I noticed that if I trade every day, every now and then I lose, and sometimes I lose BIG. I mentioned that I did wipe out my entire trading account several times before starting this website, have I not? I reflected that on. Every time I lost, I deposited money to fund the account. And then I would continue trading everyday. I will always record winning trades in the first few trades, then come the lost, sometimes BIG lost. Then the cycle would continue again. Maybe I became more and more confident and over-confident after a recording winning streak, I then lost my concentration, and thus the losing trade. This is a psychological issue of mine.

What I do now is I always take a breather. I take time-off from trading, maybe 1-2 days, to recondition my mind after a winning streak. Don’t get overly confident. Don’t break my own trading rules. And stick to the trading plan! Not trading every day might be good for you, at least it has for me.

Jun 04

full time trader log 2013 06 04

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 450 Put

No. of contracts : 1 contract

Enter/exit price : 3.70/3.90

Holding time : 8 mins

Net Profit : $18



full time traderUnderlying Stock : NFLX

Strike : 255 Put

No. of contracts : 1 contract

Enter/exit price : 4.70/5.10

Holding time : 16 mins

Net Profit : $38



full time traderReason to enter trade:

AAPL : Opened the AAPL put position in the first minute of opening bell. It was a wrong judgement. Price of AAPL moved against my put position in the next 2 minutes. Prepared to cut loss, but stop limit not hit. The put position eventually turned green and exited when it made small profit. Did not chase gain because it was a wrong judgement in the beginning to start with. But, if I did, profit could have been 250% higher. Sigh…

NFLX : Market was reversing from gains with NFLX showing signals of a reversal. Opened a put position when there was a slightest indication. Thinking back, I was a bit eager to trade having exited the earlier AAPL position at just $18 profit; greed! NFLX price rose further with me holding on to the put position. But my lower studies, the MACD histogram and Slow Stochastic, were pointing towards a downtrend. And exited when profit target was hit.

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