Aug 15

full time trader log 2013 08 14

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AMZN

Strike : 295 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.38/1.65

Holding time : 13 mins

Net Profit : $51

Day 3 of adventure time.. Getting hang of the signalling rules for trading conventional options. Reading the signals more conspicuously. It enables me to properly time both the entry and the exit. Hope to keep this winning streak!

Aug 13

Price revision

full time traderPrice revision for August 2013.

Reloaded: Forex Binary Options Starter Kit is now $49, from $19 previously. Buy now to take advantage of the current price before any further upward revision without any warning. So, don’t hesitate and procrastinate. Take action now and click the buy link below!

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Action is key.

Aug 13

forex binary option tradelog 2013 08 12

full time trader log

Wins / No. of trades : 3 of 3 (100%)

Profit : $202

Was back early from office yesterday. Logged into my binary broker account and TOS and waited for the signals. Opened a few trades between 5pm to 6pm local time while waiting to fetch my kids from kindy and planning to adjourn for dinner after that. So good to make some $$ for dinner!

Aug 10

Preview the 1st Chapter of Reloaded: Forex Binary Options Starter Kit

forex binary optionPreview the 1st Chapter of Reloaded: Forex Binary Options Starter Kit now. Just enter your first name and email address in the optin form on the right panel and you are on the way to receiving the preview in your inbox!

And of course, we respect your email privacy!

Aug 09

Oopsie – full time trader log

full time trader log

Forgotten to mention that there was a tweak to the forex binary options’ signalling rules which I’ve used to live test trading conventional options. Let me run some more tests before revealing the tweak. Oops! Sorry!

Aug 08

full time trader log 2013 08 08

full time trader logUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 460 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.70/1.95

Holding time : 3 mins

Net Profit : $48

Day 2 of adventure time.. The forex binary options’ signalling rules did good again to trade conventional options. But ran out of day trades – 2 for yesterday and one for today. Logged out from both IB and TOS to blog. Ha ha..

Aug 08

full time trader log 2013 08 07

full time trader logUnderlying Stock : AAPL & AMZN

Strike : 465 Call & 300 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contracts each

Enter/exit price : 2.30/2.40 & 2.40/2.90

Holding time : 4 mins & 9 mins

Net Profit : $17 & $98

Adventure time.. In discovery and testing mode, tried the forex binary options’ signalling rules to trade conventional options on the Interactive Brokers’ platform. Was a bit nervous on the first trade on AAPL. Opened a position and saw the signals reversed and decided to immediately take profit eventhough it was just $17. Applied the same signalling rules to open another trade on AMZN. Achieved the daily target profit $50 but decided to let the profit run because the chart signals still showed momentum in the right direction. Not bad, the same forex binary options signalling rules may also work with stocks. Let’s do live test a couple days more.

Jul 30

Anyoption is EU regulated

anyoption_eu regulatedJust received this email yesterday to inform that Anyoption is now EU regulated and licensed by Cysec

Why the needs for EU regulation? It simply means that Anyoption has a proprietary trading platform that is in compliance with the EU regulation and that it operates in full transparency and under strict supervision of EU regulatory organizations.

If you wanna sign up with Anyoption, here’s the signup page.

Jul 24

forex binary option tradelog 2013 07 24

forex binary optionStick to the signalling rules and thou shall be rewarded. 5 out 6 wins today, that’s 83% winning rate! Time to take breather – perhaps resting a couple of days to get the hype outta my system. Never be overly confident and cocky, the market will know and will not forgive.

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