Sep 02

option trading log 2015 08 26 profit $4

options tradingUnderlying Stocks : NFLX & FB

Strike : 107 Call & 85.5 Call

No. of contracts : 2 & 4 contracts

Enter/exit price : 3.30/1.85 & 1.20/1.95

Holding time : >2 hours & >4 hours

Net Profit : $4

Some emotion rides for these 2 trades. Decided to only exit the trade with NFLX after holding TOO long, emotions got into me instead of following the signalling rules. Got into FB after that based on fundamental and not on technical. And emotions got into me again when the FB trade recovered my losses on NFLX. Got “scared” and exited FB instead of letting profit run. FB’s price was around $85 when I exited. It went on to soar to $89 during the next 2 sessions. Arrgghh…

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