Feb 26

option trading log 2015 02 26 profit $152

options trading MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : LNKD

Strike : 275 Put

No. of contracts : 3 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.34/2.85

Holding time : 26 mins

Net Profit : $152

First time buying LNKD since its listing. LNKD was up pre-market when market was in negative territory. Could be because of the recent upward revision of its target price. Anyway, didn’t bother too much about the much. DOW is capable in bringing any stocks down to its knee. So, I looked for my bearish signalling rules to open the trade. Bought into LNKD put option when the mother share spiked up in the early 2 minutes. Almost immediately it turned to my favour, just missed my exit price by whiskers before it moved sideway. Waited and constipated, and bought another 1 put contract when it went lower than my buy-in price. And then it came, a few red candlesticks, loved by all short-sell traders. $152 ang pau packet for this birthday boy! Yup, my birthday today!

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