Nov 24

option trader log 2014 11 24 profit $92

options trading MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : NFLX

Strike : 362.5 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contract2

Enter/exit price : 3.15/3.60

Holding time : 15 mins

Net Profit : $92

I knew that it would be the buy lowest sell highest scenario for this trade. NFLX has fallen close to $4 when I bought my first contract. Just that the signalling rules were almost aligned when I first bought. True enough, it fell through the $4 cap and I had to average my position. But I managed to buy my 2nd contract at the lowest price. Chart signals did not fail me the 2nd time. Then ding-dong for almost 7-8 candlestick bars before NFLX rebounded. Closed off the position when target profit was hit, didn’t adjust upwards from the $3.60 I keyed in. The 362.5 Call did move up to $4.10 when I sold off within 2 minutes, but no regret! A trading plan is a trading plan! And day trading or options trading in Malaysia just gotta be emotionless. Just hit and run and replicate! Early Thanksgiving pocket money! Since this week is a short week, I guess today’s trade will be my only trade for the week. To all traders out there, happy trading and happy Thanksgiving Day!

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