Nov 19

option trader log 2014 11 19 profit $836

forex binary options malaysiaUnderlying Stocks : AMZN / NFLX / TSLA

Strike : 327.5 Call / 380 Put / 255 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts each

Enter/exit price : 3.05/3.45 / 2.68/3.10 / 2.90/6.30

Holding time : 12 mins / 3 mins / overnight

Net Profit : $77 / $81 / $678

1 trade per day, so 3 trades in 3 days. Good to see all the green cells, 3 wins out of 3. Thank you for the signalling rules and God bless. AMZN and NFLX were nothing to brag about, spot-on technical plays. TSLA on the hand, was a bad trade turned good kinda thing; held overnight for this one. Opened TSLA when signals were all good but it was one of the days where good signals didn’t eventually turn up. Instead it turned side-way, slowly and gradually turned against me. Hence, the overnight position. It turned out to be a blessing, TSLA was down more than $7 in pre-market as Morgan Stanley cut TSLA’s earnings estimate. And came the $678 profit.

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