Oct 26

option trader log 2014 10 24 loss $176

options trading malaysiaUnderlying Stocks : NFLX & TSLA

Strike : 380 Put & 235 Put

No. of contracts : 4 & 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 3.10/2.28 & 1.30/2.00

Holding time : n/a

Net Loss : $176

Made 2 trades using my trusted signalling rules on Thursday and Friday, one win and one loss.

For NFLX, I held overnight and I didn’t sell off the position. Came Friday, the loss widened. That’s the lesson, don’t hold overnight unless you really really sure about it, and not just HOPE i.e. hope the position would reverse in your favour. And in trading, nothing is sure unless you can control or influence the market. If you are just a small potato retail trader like myself, not even qualify to calling myself a full time trader / option trader in Malaysia,  then, maybe just then, stick to your trading rules and plan.

Did better with TSLA, day traded on this and made profit of $157, cutting overall losses to under $200.

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