Oct 16

option trader log 2014 10 16

option trader MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : AMZN

Strike : 297.5 Call & 300 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contracts each

Enter/exit price : 3.60/4.00 & 3.10/3.70

Holding time : 2 mins & 8 mins

Net Profit : $77 & $117

Managed to scalp the market for small profits during the roller-coaster ride of the market today, using my signalling rules of course. Both trades were on call options and on AMZN. Both the time, closed at pre-set exit price, and both the time, could easily earn $200 more from each trade if I had held on between 2-5 minutes more. Still an amateur of not letting the profit run. But, towards becoming a full time trader and option trader in Malaysia, we have a trading plan and have to stick to the trading rules. Didn’t mind the small profit, as long as consistently make profitable trades, the money will come. Yes, it will!

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