Aug 04

full time trader log 2014 08 04

binary option MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : TSLA

Strike : 232.50 put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.90/2.95

Holding time : 75 mins

Net Profit : $8

The charting signals were a bit vague today. Took a risk by opening TSLA puts. Thought market would go down after dangling on the borderline for quite some. It continued to do so after I opened the TSLA position. TSLA did go down but I shifted the target price (and market knew!!). Punished me by having me constipating for the next 65 mins as my position was slowly moving in red. Held on till my position returned to breakeven position and quickly sold them off as the chart signals appeared to be moving against me again. Well, I still considered it a good closure because it was NOT a losing trade. Options trading Malaysia, anyone?

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