Jul 25

full time trader log 2014 07 25

option trading MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : TSLA

Strike : 225 call

No. of contracts : 5 & 4contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.45/1.65, 0.85/1.25

Holding time : 3hrs & 22 mins

Net Profit : $96 & $125

More like weekly trading log now. Traded only twice this week, yesterday and today (how to become full time trader?). Both also on TSLA. It was a longer hold yesterday, spanning over 3 hours, was in the red in the beginning as I did not follow my signalling rules. Averaged the position before closing the positions at $96 profit,

Today, it was the same story, but took shorter time of 22 mins to pocket $125. Also needed to to do position average because was stupid and greedy. Yea, you heard it right. GREEDY! First 2 contracts was making over $90 but was too greedy to close it off. Could have close the position in less than 5 mins, but was greedy and TSLA just nose dived after that. Soon, green became red and needed to do averaging when saw the reversal signals from my chart. Guilt kicked in when the call options turned green, wanting to get out when target price was about to hit; did not let profit to run. But, it was good feeling pocketing the $125. Options trading Malaysia, hell ya!

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