May 05

full time trader log 2014 05 05

options trading MalaysiaUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 587.50 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 4.27/4.80

Holding time : 2 mins

Net Profit : $103

DOW was down almost 120 points in the first few minutes of the opening session today due to China data and Ukraine jibes. AAPL was hovering unchanged, directionless, did not know if it should follow DOW downwards or defy the fall as analysts had just upgraded the stock this morning. AAPL chart was heading upwards and defied the DOW downtrend, but from experience, it will always retreat at some point. This is where the signalling systems and rules come in. Cool $103 in less than 2 minutes. Confidence is slowly creeping back into this full time trader wannabe. Cautious not to be over-confidence or the market will KNOW.

Today, I am gonna write a little more. One of my followers asked me, “Why I only trade once a day?” Well, I did try trading round the clock when I first started. Later, when I did a post-mortem, I found out that my trading results were not as good as trading only once a day. I figured out that my emotions and psychology did the damages. I was eager to trade, to profit. I was GREEDY. And emotions took me out. That’s why I restricted myself to just one trade a day. Win or loss, just the one trade. Place my focus on just one trade and it works. Options trading in Malaysia works for me.

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