Apr 30

full time trader log 2014 04 30

options trading malaysiaUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 592.50 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 4.10/4.50

Holding time : 4 mins

Net Profit : $77

Did not open any position during the first 15 mins of the trading session in anticipation of the Chicago PMI data release at 9:45. The result data was above market consensus by $INDU was’t impressed with the results, bounced in the range of -20 to +10pts. But AAPL chart signals did form a great trend to open a Put position. Bought 2 contracts at the closest strike and sold in under 4 mins; and calling it a night! Options trading in Malaysia can work, switch on laptop and login to Interactive Brokers and Thinkorswim at 9:15pm, read some market news till 9:30, enter and exit position by 10:00, logout from IB and Thinkorswim by 10:01. Haha… don’t be too cocky or the MARKET will know!

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