Oct 29

full time trader log 2013 10 29

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL & AMZN

Strike : 525 Put & 360 Call

No. of contracts : 2 contracts each

Enter/exit price : 2.50/2.75 & 2.48/2.80

Holding time : 2 mins / 4 mins

Net Profit : $47 & $61

Trade #1 – AAPL just released its quarterly results. It went up pre-market, but started to move downtrend after opening bell. Saw the chart signals and moved in for the kill.

Trade #2 – Waited a while for this trade on AMZN. Market was moving up, with AMZN lagging. Checked the 52-week chart and 1-minute chart, and decided to go long on this one.

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