Oct 29

full time trader log 2013 10 24

20131024 IBUnderlying Stock : TSLA

Strike : 170 Call & 165 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts each

Enter/exit price : 1.43/2.30 & 1.60/1.85

Holding time : overnight / 3 mins

Net Profit : $183 & $46

Trade #1 – Still a bit rusty when opening this trade. And it got worst when it when against me and had to held it overnight. Paper loss of about $50 about an hour before the close of trade day but was making $2 at close of session. Held it overnight and sold the next day for $183 profit.

Trade #2 – Also on TSLA. Better trade this time. Getting in sync with the signalling rules again! Hoo yah!

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