Jun 04

full time trader log 2013 06 04

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 450 Put

No. of contracts : 1 contract

Enter/exit price : 3.70/3.90

Holding time : 8 mins

Net Profit : $18



full time traderUnderlying Stock : NFLX

Strike : 255 Put

No. of contracts : 1 contract

Enter/exit price : 4.70/5.10

Holding time : 16 mins

Net Profit : $38



full time traderReason to enter trade:

AAPL : Opened the AAPL put position in the first minute of opening bell. It was a wrong judgement. Price of AAPL moved against my put position in the next 2 minutes. Prepared to cut loss, but stop limit not hit. The put position eventually turned green and exited when it made small profit. Did not chase gain because it was a wrong judgement in the beginning to start with. But, if I did, profit could have been 250% higher. Sigh…

NFLX : Market was reversing from gains with NFLX showing signals of a reversal. Opened a put position when there was a slightest indication. Thinking back, I was a bit eager to trade having exited the earlier AAPL position at just $18 profit; greed! NFLX price rose further with me holding on to the put position. But my lower studies, the MACD histogram and Slow Stochastic, were pointing towards a downtrend. And exited when profit target was hit.

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