Jan 02

full time trader log 2013 01 02

full time traderUnderlying Stock : AAPL

Strike : 540 Put

No. of contracts : 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 2.08/2.50

Holding time : 2 mins

Net Profit : $82


full time traderReason to enter trade:

This was another technical charting play. $AAPL was up $23+ from opening bell when $INDU was up 225 pts. $INDU was’t making any movement while chart of $AAPL was pointing towards a reversal. Timed the entry correctly and opened the PUT position. $AAPL kept falling and my position never once hit red. Tried to key to close at $2.35 but while attempting to key, the bid price kept moving higher and higher. Then, orchesterated my first “ka’ching” sound in 2013 with a $2.50 limit order to gain $82 in 2 mins. Great start for 2013, at least for me knowing that I drew first blood!

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