Dec 20

full time trader log 2012 12 12

20121212 IBUnderlying Stock : BIDU

Strike : 95 Call

No. of contracts : 3 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.62/1.80

Holding time : almost 2 hours

Net Profit : $50


Reason to enter trade:

Again, I have no TOS chart to analyse. But I remembered I was constipating during the holding time. I opened the 95 Call while it was in-the-money as I saw BIDU did not move much during my observation period. Furthermore, it was nearing expiry and the in-the-money call was rather cheap compared to other counters. I remembered BIDU moved forth and back a couple of times without hitting either my target exit price and stop loss price. Forth and back, forth and back for almost 2 hours. Finally, closed the position (1 am Malaysian time when I decided to close the position) when I saw a tiny profit of $50, and I was SLEEPY then.

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