Sep 22

full time trader log 2012 09 21

full time traderUnderlying Stock : NFLX

Strike : 60 Call

No. of contracts : 10 contracts

Enter/exit price : 0.30/0.45

Holding time : 4 mins

Net Profit : $138


full time traderReason to enter trade:

Read an article somewhere and a quote in the article, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. This trade appeared that way to me. I was preparing to open a trade, of course, with my knowledge and skill and experience in options trading, and opportunity came. I opened the position near low before the uptrend reversal. Luck then came when I exited at high before another downtrend reversal. Very seldom that I bought at the lows and sold at the highs. This is a rare day trading feat for me!

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