Aug 01

full time trader log 2012 08 01

full time traderTrade # 1 : Opened TOS chart for less than 30 seconds, briefly glanced through the signals and straight away opened the trade?! What was I thinking? This is the punishment unto myself for being reckless! Gambler’s attitude!

Cooled down, reconditioned my mindset and studied & analysed the charts, then opened Trade #2, #3 and #4. This should be the way to trade, NOT a reckless gambler!

This is why I stressed then and now, trading psychology is the utmost important factor in winning trades. Will keep reminding myself and practising that!


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  1. Marc

    Hi Keegan,

    Your winning rates is very high, close to 80%! I never met anyone with such high winning rates! Can you share what indicators are you following to trade? Thanks

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