Jul 30

full time trader log 2012 07 30

full time traderWas out for meeting the whole afternoon. So, didn’t manage to enter trades during the earlier pre-market session.

Thought chart signals were spot on at 820am, but otherwise. So entered another trade 10 mins later to recover the position.

Rested and tried out $DJI for a change. Lol… was watching a TV episode the other night, and the hero yelled “CHANGE”. Anyway, watched $DJI movements like a hawk for 45mins before decided to open trade on it. Chart patterns formation for $DJI looked great and the timing never looked so RIGHT before (ie towards the tail end of the 5mins lockout period); did not hesitate to click the execution button for opening the trade…. but still a bit cautious on stake amount, first time shy!


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