Dec 10

Feeder Matrix – Winners Team

More on the recent super low cost program that I have joined, the Feeder Matrix program. I am with Team Winners, headed by Ms Tonia Kelly from the UK. These are her excerpt about the Feeder Matrix program.

“The Feeder Matrix is the HOT new, super LOW COST, easy to run biz opp. Where else could you take a low, one time payment of $1.75 and spin it into nearly $100,000!
Seems too good to be true but it’s simple maths when you look at the facts. Stage one and Two comprise of a 4 x 4 forced matrix meaning there’s a possibility of spillover and/or spillunder.

Stage 1
Level 1 pays out $7
Level 2 pays $80
Level 3 pays $640
Level 4 pays $5,120

Stage 2
Level 1 pays $160
Level 2 pays $1,280
Level 3 pays $10,240
Level 4 pay $81,920

Here in the Feeder Matrix Winners Team we follow a simple strategy to maximise income and the speed in which it is achieved. All members are expected to do their part by referring at least one person to the Feeder Matrix.

Whatever else you are doing, you can do this. $1.75 is ALL it takes – you just need a verified PayPal, STP and/or Payza account (most people have either a PayPal or STP) BEFORE you start. All payments are direct, member to member payments so no waiting until the end of the month. You can get paid multiple times on a daily basis.”

OK – STOP reading this and just go ahead and join!

Visit the Feeder Matrix page to check it out yourself.


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