May 31

Fan base building

fttrader-freebies-pledgeNot that this website is not great, my friend told me that I am not capturing the essence of social marketing. “Besides good contents, a successful social marketers need to build fans,” that’s what I was told, being told off to be exact. I got this website, blogging about my trade logs, I do also have a fan page over at FB, but I wasn’t much over at my FB page. I should be boosting likes to build fan base organically or employed some tools or providers out there like Boostlikes to promote my page, or even make FB earns a few bucks (from me) and into its bottomline. No worry, I will reap my returns from FB, you know I will! Cheers..

Anyway, back to fan base building. I feel it’s more difficult than my portfolio building on my stocks watch lists. I thought being a profitable trader is enough, I was told otherwise. Being a good full time trader is self-actualization and self-satisfaction, but taking a leap into brand building segment is an entrepreneur maneuver. I know there are some entrepreneurship qualities in me, I wouldn’t have a business of my own if I were denied those qualities.

So, I will start building my fan base. To start it off, I will give out the first two chapters of my money making guide of Reloaded: Forex Binary Options Trading Starter Kit for FREE if my fanpage fb.com/fulltimetrader.net successfully accumulated 200 likes in the next 14 days. That’s my guarantee gift! So, go on and hit the like button!

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