Jun 25

daily trade log

I will post and share my trade logs in this Categories.. as I trade.

Mostly, my trades are based on technical reading of charts coupled with general market sentiment on that particular day and some fundamental analysis of the selected stock (haha… but I tend to trade AAPL most the time due to its high day range movements).

In these trade logs, I will share the 1-minute chart (from TOS) and indicates my entry and exit points. And my IB trade log summary for the day. I usually trade one underlying stock a day but also depending on the technical reading. If I can’t find an aligned entry point, I may not trade at all.

I am not ambitious, my current daily profit target is only USD100 per trade per day. Hmm… how to become full time trader if only USD100 a day? Sigh…. I will go to bed (12 hours’ time zone difference) or go watch TV or hang around with my kids once my target is achieved rather than hovering around to find more trades and shouldering more pressures unto myself. One trade a day is appropriate for me.

Fellow traders are welcome to share experience and discuss about options trading. Help me learn more about my trade psychology and my trades.

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