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Jul 20

daily trade log 2012 07 20

Entering trades during pre-market tends to compliment my trading system. I noticed from the losing trades that I made, they were during an active market, except today’s. My winning trades are mostly during less volatile market conditions, i.e. pre-market. Maybe my chart reading technique is more accurate during these pre-market conditions. Another factor of my …

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Jul 17

daily trade log 2012 07 17, one more

Underlying Stock : NASDAQ 100 Futures Strike / Expired : 2566.13 Call / 2569.38 Stake money : USD50 Payout / payout rate : US83 / 65% Holding time : 9 mins Net Profit : USD33   Reason to enter trade: Purely rely on charting for entering trade with some extrapolating techniques for this binary options …

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Jul 17

daily trade log 2012 07 17

Tweeted yesterday that I entered 4 trades with my EZTrader binary options account, played NASDAQ futures, won the first 2 but succumbed on the next 2. Called it a night to reassess my mistakes – I was too eager to enter trades last night AND at the wrong timings. Chart signals were not aligned properly …

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Jul 16

Withdrawing funds from binary options brokers

To my horror, I read a couple of articles about the difficulties experienced by some traders in withdrawing their funds from binary options brokers only after opening my trading account with one of the brokers. While I experience no such issue with Interactive Brokers who I have maintained my account with over the past five …

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Jul 13

daily trade log 2012 07 12

My EZTrader binary options trades from July 6 (date of opening new account) till July 12. Initial 3 are “tuition fees”.. lol… added in a little bit of excitement and adrenalin. That’s why the losses. Strategized and conditioned my psychology the next trading day and added in my chart reading “skill”. Hope the latter results …

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Jul 11

Binary Options trading

Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading have been around since 2006, but it was not until I setup this site when I came across it. I read and studied binary options trading and to my astonishment, binary options trading is way simpler than the options trading I paid to learn. There are: NO technical jargons NO need to …

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