Jun 24

becoming a full time trader – the bold step

It was 2004 and I was working in the largest banking group in Malaysia as a senior analyst for its international banking arm. I did research on countries for the bank to invest in or to expand its presence in countries it already in. I wrote board papers. I travel to these countries. I wrote board papers again. Sometime, I have to tweak the board papers to the liking of top management even though my researches showed otherwise. It was boring. Internet in the bank was slow, took me thousands of milliseconds just to load a page… I felt asleep several times on my job.  My boss (not my direct superior) the ever workaholic chap, rings me at 7 in the morning just to ask if I have finished the papers. Still send me the shivers the thought of having to go working in those environments again.

You see, I am a qualified accountant by profession, I worked in many industries before; external & internal audit, car assembler, airline (but just over a month long though), insurance & banking, IT company, and manufacturing. But all are mundane and isolated desk jobs except my last employment in the manufacturing plant. It was so routine that I quit the airline cost accountant job only after a month working there. I realized that I needed to do something but what? Then, the call came.

It was a call from my childhood buddy, Mervin. We have been keeping in touch all this while since we were seven. Yeah…such a long time ago. He called to persuade me to attend another discovery of his, this time a free 3-hours long seminar on options trading. Conducted by a guru from Singapore, he said. I hesitated at first, wondering if it was a scam seminar, enticing you to buy some products or something. But it was FREE, people loves freebies, me too. I kept telling myself, expand my horizon, and put skepticism aside. OK, I told myself back then, it’s FREE and I got nothing lose but the 3-hours’ worth of my life. I took a bold step and went to the seminar. And I am glad that I took that option that day. Thanks to Mervin again for bringing me there.


  1. Marc

    Mind sharing which course did you guys take?

    1. fttrader

      Hi Marc, we took a course from a “Dr.” who was then being sued by his fellow Singaporean.. lol…. I think the “school” is now closed down after all that mumbo-jumbo. If you were in the scene, you probably know who I am talking about. Anyway, that guru DID actually taught us something, even if it was a risky method, even if he had “lied” on his credentials as a “Dr.”. Mervin and I appreciate what he has taught us and guided us on a road not taken before. If wasn’t his motivating and powerful 3-hrs workshop, I wouldn’t have signup for his course and wouldn’t have known options trading. lol…

      1. Marc

        Hello FTtrader, thanks for the reply.

        HAHA, So does this “Dr.” method work? Or you have to fine tune it to suit your personality then only start profiting?

        I have read a lot about trading past few years,
        stock picking with William Oneil’s and Warren Buffett method.
        Technical analysis using RSI, Elliot wave, fibo and Stoch by Robert miner and Robert Pretchner.
        Risk management by Dr. Elder.

        I have not attended any official training yet. Not sure if that’s the missing link.

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