Jun 25

becoming a full time trader – the leap of faith

The 3-hours long seminar was held in a 5-star hotel’s conference room. All the preparations by the Singaporean group were not lacking. There were about 50 attendees, from all age group, from college and/or uni graduates to new jobseekers, full time employees to business owners, and retirees. Mervin and I went to the seminar with an open mind.

I still recalled, the seminar started with the Final Countdown song from the band Europe. Then came the slides show, hitting every crucial points, every weaknesses and every dissatisfactions of the mindset of an employee/business owner – how an employee needs to serve his/her boss, to care for feelings of subordinates, to instill mindset that customers are always right, to be harassed by suppliers & bankers & landlord for payments due, to be time burden by all the operational and financial issues of a company. The slides concluded with one remark – ISN’T IT TIME TO BE FINANCIALLY FREE? Then, a grand entrance by the guru speaker.

It was a powerful presentation by the guru. Knowledgeable and aspiring. He is the type of speaker who can really motivate people, at least me. He introduced US stock options trading to Mervin and me – how one uses leverages of options to profit from the movement of stock prices; why trades US options instead of local options market; how to profit over 100% of monies invested for just under a week, or even within a day; what are the free tools (no purchase of softwares) for options trading; how to money manage; how to achieve financial freedom with options trading; how to get out in style (with profits) with options eventhough the market has turned on you; why there were so many people in the shopping complex when it was a working day (people trade online at night). I was amazed! Adrenalin was pumping. I truly was.

Towards the end of the presentation, came the workshop fee. You see, the 3-hours long seminar was a preview of a 3-days workshop to be held in Singapore. In the workshop, you will learn the real gist of the money making tool by trading options. With all the hype and emotions built within me, I was sadden by the huge “initial investment” I have to put in just to attend the money making workshop, and have to travel wayyyy down to Singapore.


Mervin and I deliberated for over couple of weeks on that mind-blowing, action packed preview seminar. We decided to attend the preview seminar again, this time trying to bombard the guru with our many doubts after researching on options trading. You know Malaysian and Singaporean, we are the same breed, the KIASU (afraid to lose out) breed. Haha… and we saw familiar faces of the attendees from our first preview seminar. We weren’t doing it (attending the same preview seminar again) alone. You know what, the guru recognized some of us. The guru politely answered some of our questions, some which he thought was his syllabus and asked us (with a smile) to sign up and be answered. Overall, it was great motivation from the guru. He opened my eyes, through his aspiring and powerful presentation (both times). This time, Mervin and I took the leap of faith and we signed up for his 3-days workshop in Singapore!

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