Dec 26

2013 in review

2013_2014-in-Sand-724x479It’s time of the year. Yes, end of the year review. Being a full time trader is fun and all that, but if you are not making money, you are just not having “fun”. 2013 was just an average year for me, not because I did not win money, but the last couple of months have not been productive in terms of trading the market. Been off-trading these couple of months due to commitment to my factory job.

Factory jobs are not all that fun! There are times we have sleepless nights worrying about sales, cash flows and of course, the paychecks for our staff and workers. Being the boss is not all “fun”. Stress! Luckily, the fruits of efforts are looking to ripe. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I always stay away from the market, from trading, if psychologically, I am not prepared. With all these stresses from work, It’s good that I stay clear from the making to avoid making impulsive and harsh decisions to open trades. Might ended up losing my bullets. We all know, trading psychology is the utmost important element in trading.

2013, I wrote another e-book, Reloaded: Forex Binary Options Starter Kit. It is another starter kit to guide beginners who wanted to try trading forex binary options. I have been trading binary options for some time. I started with stock binary options, quite OK the trading results. Then one thing lead to another, and I was trading forex binary options. I have not traded forex before this, but I applied the same technique I used (with some tweaks on the signaling system) for stocks to test out the forex. Hit a few bumps and walls, but did not knock myself cold, and later, I got myself up and running. Pretty good trading results I must say.

While another year is coming to an end, I do hope the new year will bring better trading results and more time for me to trade the market. I will take this festive time to reflect! To the moments of reflection for a moment to stop and see what you can not see the go – a simple joy. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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