Feb 18

option trading log Jan 2016 $963

These were the remaining trades I made in the month of January 2016. Total profit for the month, $963. Well, I’ve just learnt about the “January Effect” for stock markets, where some opined that the market movement results, either up or down, at end of January would determine the movement for the year as a whole. So, I’ve got a positive, profitable month for this January 2016 for trading options in Malaysia, will I get the same January Effect as theoreticized by fellow traders? Godspeed…

20160114-IB 20160115-IB 20160128-IB


Jan 08

option trading log 2016 01 08 profit $368

20160108B-IBUnderlying Stocks : NFLX

Strike : 115 Call

No. of contracts : 5 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.05/1.80

Holding time : 23 mins

Net Profit : $368

Been watching NFLX ever since the start of this trading session. Up by $2+ at opening bell and still monitoring it while I took care of my overnight TSLA position. NFLX chart was on a downtrend when I closed off the then FB positions and waited for the signalling rules to sync. It synced alright, but was opting for the 115 strike and unable to buy the 115 call because it was still in the money. Ya, in-the-money call attracts bigger margin coverage on expiry day. So, was patiently waiting for it to drop below the 115 strike. Managed to open a call position almost off low. Now the exit plan….

Call a nut head, but NFLX will always fly and rebound in 5 long years in trading experience. My 5 contracts never once turned red, was just plotting my exit price. Opened call position when NFLX was 114.60 and with a strike of 115, it was too easy to rebound. In this trade, practised the contrarian view of “letting profit run”. Watched the signalling chart and exited when it hit 116. That’s $1 in-the-money with a premium of $0.80. Good $368 profit in 23 minutes.

Off to a great start for 2016! Options trading in Malaysia made easy with these signalling rules. Full time trading, I am just a few steps behind.

Jan 08

option trading log 2016 01 08 loss $5

options trading malaysiaUnderlying Stocks : TSLA & FB

Strike : 225 Call & 100 Call

No. of contracts : 3 & 8 contracts

Enter/exit price : 0.78/0.20 & 0.58/0.80

Holding time : overnight & 19 mins

Net Loss : $5 (TSLA loss $178, FB profit $173)

First trade of 2016, TSLA. Dow got battered following China’s circuit breaker loss. TSLA also got battered and thought it would rebound in the next session. Well, it didn’t! This is what you get for not following the signalling rules, trying to outsmart the market and out play the trend. Where did I put the idiom “Trend is your friend”?

Got back in roots today and play on fundamental. FB again got battered in the last session, and rose in pre-market. So, followed the trend and look for window of opportunity to trade up by going long on the call options. Sure I didn’t manage to buy at low and it was in my playbook to average the position; and I did before it rebounded. Took profit and ran!

At least the profit from FB covered by loss TSLA position. Phew…

Jan 08

option trading log 2015 Nov & Dec profit $276

Did not trade much either in both November and December 2015, managed just a day in each month. Sigh, how to be become a full time trader in Malaysia with this low enthusiasm. Must better this in 2016. But not too eager to fall into the trap of over-trading and over eagerness to trade as eagerness would cloud judgement.

20151106-IB 20151204-IB

Jan 08

option trading log 2015 10 profit $264

And here’s the October 2015 trades.

20151002-IB 20151030-IB

Jan 08

option trading log 2015 09 profit $785

It has been this looonnngg since I lasted posted. A blogger, I am not. But a part time trader, I might be. Hahaha… the force is still with me after the Force Awaken movie. Anyways, here’s the September 2015 trades.

20150904-IB 20150910-IB 20150918-IB 20150925-IB

Sep 04

option trading log 2015 08 28 profit $187

options tradingUnderlying Stocks : FB

Strike : 90.5 Put

No. of contracts : 10 contracts

Enter/exit price : 0.50/0.70

Holding time : 10 mins

Net Profit : $187

Pure technical trade on expiry Friday. 10 mins for trading options using signalling rules and technical charts.

Sep 02

option trading log 2015 08 26 profit $4

options tradingUnderlying Stocks : NFLX & FB

Strike : 107 Call & 85.5 Call

No. of contracts : 2 & 4 contracts

Enter/exit price : 3.30/1.85 & 1.20/1.95

Holding time : >2 hours & >4 hours

Net Profit : $4

Some emotion rides for these 2 trades. Decided to only exit the trade with NFLX after holding TOO long, emotions got into me instead of following the signalling rules. Got into FB after that based on fundamental and not on technical. And emotions got into me again when the FB trade recovered my losses on NFLX. Got “scared” and exited FB instead of letting profit run. FB’s price was around $85 when I exited. It went on to soar to $89 during the next 2 sessions. Arrgghh…

Sep 01

option trading log 2015 08 19 profit $166

options tradingUnderlying Stocks : NFLX & LNKD

Strike : 123 Call & 185 Call

No. of contracts : 2 & 2 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.73/1.88 & 2.18/2.88

Holding time : 12 & 7 mins

Net Profit : $166

Pretty decent for a midweek trade with my signalling rules almost spot-on. Exited NFLX even at minimal profit as the chart turned. Better to keep ammunition for next trade than losing them. And I did find the next with LNKD and made $138. Today for the day was $188 for trading options. Not as good as trading forex, but it’s the wins that counts and the $$ will come.

Aug 23

option trading log 2015 07 profit $550

forex binary MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : NFLX

Strike : 110.36 Put

No. of contracts : 10 contracts

Enter/exit price : 0.29/0.55

Holding time : 10 mins

Net Profit : $247


forex binary MalaysiaUnderlying Stocks : AMZN

Strike : 540 Call

No. of contracts : 5 contracts

Enter/exit price : 1.08/1.70

Holding time : 5 mins

Net Profit : $303


I am pretty sure both of these trades were on expiry day. My signalling rules must have served me very very well for these high impact winning trades. You can achieve financial gain if one uses options trading instrument and its methodology systematically.

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